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4 died and 9 were injured.

Best answer: Historians generally dismiss the claim that Adolf Hitler was Jewish by blood due to lack of records and evidence. In addition, he was raised Roman-Catholic but he became disdainful of the religion over time. However, he never formally left the church nor was he excommunicated by the church

What happened to Adolf Hitler?

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Despite being a staunch anti communist he put aside his principles and was open to assist Stalins Red Army against Germany and didn’t treat them as moral equivalents. Looking at it in hindsight was it a mistake ?

Best answer: Christianity did indeed spread slowly throughout the Roman world and Europe. it started, as you note, as a Middle Eastern religion. It had certainly spread to almost all of Europe by the time that printing became a method of communication. But printing enabled the rapid spread of Protestantism in its various forms.... show more

Best answer: Her name is Phan Thi Kim Phuc. She was used as a propaganda piece by the Communist Vietnamese government. As an adult she studied medicine, first in Vietnam and then in Cuba, where she met her future husband, another Vietnamese student. The two were scheduled to honeymoon in Russia but when the plane had a... show more

Best answer: 1. Jews have been around for at least 3200 years. They were rebelling against Greek and Roman hegemony, and simply have had hundreds of years to be the "other". 2. Jews were accused of Deicide, the killing of God (and still are by some Christian sects) for two millenium. They are also accused in the... show more

Invasions include starvation, manipulation & concentration camps; their still in progress today. The blacks in America are Indians & they do not know this because they were forced to call themselves " Black ".

Where there any vikeings in Scotland?

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Best answer: His plan was clearly set out in his book 'Mein Kampf' (1925) and he repeated it in almost all his speeches, and in the Nazi party plans all through the 1930's, he planned to make war on/ invade..... 1.) All Jewish people and get rid of them in Europe. 2.) Poland, Czechoslovakia and Soviet Russia,... show more

Best answer: Note the difference between "needed" and "obsessed with". Had the Soviet Union gotten involved in the beginning like they wanted to, there would have been no war. Had Britain honored assurances that they gave to Poland, there would have been no war. Between Britain and the Soviet Union, Germany... show more

Best answer: They were fooled by the Necronomicon too. Weird.