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What is the meaning of life?

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I think America has a sexist history.

Does knowledge lead to suffering?

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"Whoever increases his knowledge merely increases his heartache" "He who learns must suffer" and "Ignorance is bliss" are all quotes that in varying degrees say the same thing, knowledge leads to suffering. I've been thinking about these quotes since yesterday.. How correct are... show more

What is your Life advice?

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Life advice, politics, religion, spirituality, people, work , ect.

Best answer: Right now I'm thinking not philosophically but more politically that much of what the world thinks is going on is a lie by the globalist controllers to keep the world afraid and thereby suppressed. There are no nuclear bombs because nuclear reaction or atomic reaction has never been accomplished by setting... show more

Can obsession be hatred too?

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Best answer: Yes, you could be obsessed with or about anything, it could be something good or something evil.

As proposed by Jacque Fresco/Peter Joseph Jacque believes resource-based economy would best maximise human health and wellbeing and virtually eliminate all jobs that exist today. Jobs like chefs and barwork would be automated (which we know can be done), whereas lawyers and telesales would cease existing because... show more

Plato's cave analogy?

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Could someone outline platos cave analogy and just give me a brief description of it please? Would be really helpful in terms of my understanding on this section of my course !!! :)

Best answer: “All religion has to do is produce a god - ANY god - and atheism ends forever. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done - what seems to be the problem? It's not as if you haven't had enough time, a?” ~

In other words does isolation (not necessarily complete isolation but enough) make you a better philosopher due to the fact that since you’re alone most of the time, you’re just alone with your thoughts and philosophy becomes kinda easier to grasp since you’ve already spent years thinking this way.

What is the purpose of life?

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Why do you live? What is the purpose of your life? Why do you get up in the morning? I have husband, family, friend. But I don't know why I live and for what I live. I don't want to go to the work and do every day the same things, I don't want wake up at 6:30am for this and earn money for inconspicuous... show more

How high has was observance for that religion? How does this compare to the main religion in UK, USA and USSR?