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do we just live to die

What is the meaning of life?

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Is there such thing as free will?

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Best answer: Depends what you mean by ultimate truth. We can discover some ultimate truths, or at least useably ultimate, like that water freezes into ice, but may never fully understand why that should be. More esoteric ultimate truths, like why we are here, what is our purpose, etc., may always elude us - who knows?

What exactly is philosophy?

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with a message to the rulers there that they want to tour there to promote free speech to criticise Islam, and promote gay rights

Do we truly have free will?

6 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Everyone has the 'free will' to choose from one option to another. The thing you cannot control are the consequences of your choices. The consequences are what influence your 'free will'. Take an example of a toddler with 'free will': A hot stove. A toddler wishing to exert his... show more

Does objective reality exist?

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Best answer: It is just a phase, happened to me also. It takes time for the mind to adjust to a new perspective/reality. Become comfortable being uncomfortable (Stoicism) and in time things will become clearer. Introspection and enlightenment are a life long endeavor and not always a pleasant experience. But the things that I... show more

What divides mind from matter?

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Best answer: Unarguably, death at least separates mind from matter, but what else might divide mind from matter is highly arguable due to the paradox raised in quantum mechanics where the observer has an effect on the outcome of what is observed. In life, mind and matter appear to be inextricably linked

Were the Pyramids built by aliens?

18 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: No that is just an attempt by the History channel to get higher ratings.

Do humans have free will?

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Best answer: This question is asked a lot here. It's not a dumb question, and it exercised the best minds in theology and philosophy for centuries. Here is my take: We can dismiss the idea that everything is fated by God or predetermined by some agency like karma. The simplest explanation of karma is that it is the result... show more

Best answer: At least Hitler put an end to himself.

All this obsession with eating healthy and working out. What if I just wanna be fat and happy and die young?