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Is nothing impossible?

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Mathematically "Is nothing impossible ?". I would be tempted to say no. Even if you consider something esoteric like time travel to the past, although it is not possible for our Universe, it may be feasible in another parallel Universe, with different gravitational semantics. So was Napoleon right when he... show more

Best answer: Germany was probably bluffing and not going to invade if they hadn't gotten the Sudetenland. The Czech fortifications put the French Maginot line to shame, they had something over thirty well-trained and very well equipped divisions in their army, and their tanks were better than the best of the German tanks,... show more

I've been reading simulation theories all day and I'm really scared that reality is just a simulation. Nothing is real, we're all in an artificial environment. I'm having an anxiety attack over this.

Best answer: Slavery was a good career move for Blacks. Now they have it better than the Blacks in Africa.

Best answer: No The iceburg was the truth that the Captain (the metaphorical atheist) chose to ignore until it was too late. He'd had warnings, He'd been advise to slow down....but he let pride and ego take him and 1500 people to destruction

Best answer: I would, but I have to say the transition years (1999-2000) were awful. People get very hysteric about these things, and there was a continuous hype "oh how modern and futuristic we are going to be". Bear in mind also that it was not only a change of century, but a change of millennium. Go figure.

Afterall, we only removed 1 country from the game, the Russian Empire in WW1 and the Soviet Union in WW2. without the Russians, there's still US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, New Zealand and many more allies fighting the Axis powers.

Best answer: Life is meaningless, and why you should seriously look for meaning beyond the world, like finding God and getting out of the illusion and reincarnation.