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USPS Question?

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"Your item departed our SAN BERNARDINO CA DISTRIBUTION CENTER destination facility on December 9, 2018 at 1:22 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination." I live about 30 minutes away from San Bernardino. Should I be expecting the package today?

Being realistic, what jobs pay good but it's not about the harder the job the more income.

I ordered 2 costume tshirts last night. The website was one of the first to come up when I googled. Website was very easy to use and looked reputable. Unfortunately after ordering come to find out they have absolutely horrible reviews. 2 stars in 800+ reviews. Lots of people saying scam and that they had never... show more

I recently greeted a coworker just after she arrived to work wearing a fur-hood coat. I said to her, "I like your Eskimo coat." What that a politically incorrect thing to say?

Ok so my uncle works for a vitamin company and gifted me $5k worth of vitamins. I took them to a sprouts already and got a exchange but when I went to a different one they required a receipt. I was wondering if you guys know any other stores that might take these vitamins

Best answer: What do you mean by dismal "corporate America"? That companies aren't agile and quick to change? I learned about that about 3 days into my first professional job. However, I don't call that "dismal". I'm a process improvement consultant and I enjoy the task of improving the... show more

it says 6:10 AM Package transferred to USPS for final delivery Orangeburg, US on amazon. but on the USPS website it says it will come tomorrow? WHich is it?

Best answer: Personally, I prefer smaller companies. In a smaller company, one person can really make a difference and shine. In a larger company, one employee is just a number. Quick story: An old roommate of mine worked for a larger retailer (BB). Once, when he went in for his review, he was told that he already made... show more

Best answer: I no longer earn a good income, but i have a decent life, home kids, wife, all that jazz. My company that did earn a 6 figure income was phased out by tech, as many have been. My guess is that if you want a decent, steady income, either on your own or working for one, software, is the place that is not going... show more

To the artists out there who do not have a studio or business building to ship art from, but prefer to protect their privacy, i.e., not using their street address as the return address. Who do I go about this? Can I open a P.O. box and ship art from that address? I know one can send things TO a P.O. box but am not... show more

Best answer: It is a trail of paperwork for administration, makes them aware if 'someone' is making regular claim refunds, enables the business to know if staff or memebers of family of staff are asking for refunds, so helps stop theft