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Having a date at golf club. can I wear a regular dress and high heels?

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Is there something wrong with me?

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i'm an 18 year old girl. i wear t.shirts, sweatshirts, baggy pants and etnies shoes. i have short blond hair and never wear make up. i go skate and play soccer. i read manga and fantasy novels, watch horror and splatter movies, listen to metal and play bass in a band. i like RPGs and violent videogames. i have... show more

How does one dress fashionably, as a woman in winter?

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What do you wear?

My partner’s 10 year old has asked to get her ears pierced, and both of her parents have agreed to let her get them pierced once she’s finished school for the summer. As it is his weekend when she finishes for the summer, he’s taking her to get them pierced. Her mum only agreed if their daughter was taken to a... show more

its the only leather jacket i have and it looks decent on me, but i dont want to have that emanating malaise of rich douchebag, you know? How many people are going to notice im wearing a $400 leather jacket? honestly, i wasnt the one who bought it. it was from my father and i neglected it for about 3 years. i... show more

Who has more skin tones? Black people or White people?

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Best answer: White people - Olive, light brown, pasty white Black people - Dark Brown, Medium brown, caramel Probably a tie.

Do you think this top is acceptable outer wear?

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It looks pretty but not sure if it should really be lingerie?

How old should a girl be to wear a two piece swimsuit?

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I'm thirteen and my parents say two pieces are "slutty" I want this: They said they would discuss it, but haven't mentioned it in a while so I would guess that's their nice way of saying no. I respect their decision, 'cause I... show more

How often do you change your razor blade?

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I've been using my razor to shave my legs and armpits for about 2 months it time to change it?

Why are Trump's eyebags so puffy and look like they wil explode?

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Best answer: the sarne way you told us

Why do people say that 36-34-36 are perfect measurements?

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36" breasts would be huge! I hope they do realise that they are talking about the breast circumference not the bra size (which should include a cup size, by the way, next to the number). My breasts have a 32" circumference and they're not small at all! I think 34-24-34 would be much better. I have... show more

What is an appropriate age to get a third ear piercing?

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Trust me, I’ve seen enough videos to know what I’m talking about

Funeral attire?

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I want to know if it would be disrespectful to wear my black glittery shoes to my mother s funeral? It s the only black shoes I have. They are Christian louboutins with black crystals I only have that or knee length black boots? Thanks

Are there any headphones i can wear in the shower?

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Can a man wear a vinyl bucket hat without looking funny or unusual?

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My teenage daughter wears nothing but leggings?

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Has anybody else had this problem I have suggested jeans, trousers, even just tights but she says she won't wear them. I just don't think they look good and she's dressing quite young for her age. She's nearly 15.

Is this what the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" means?

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Best answer: That's right--beauty is subjective. Some people only find a person attractive if that person looks like a fashion model. Other people see a very ordinary looking person and think they are attractive because they believe they "are beautiful on the inside." Also, everyone has their own type that... show more