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Why do liberals believe straws are just as dangerous as guns?

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What are your favorite natural skincare and body products?

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How expensive are your clothes?

18 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 22 hours ago
And have you ever bought cheap clothes?

I’m a fifteen year old girl and I’m *really* insecure about my body hair. It’s barely noticeable, but i have some hairs on my stomach. It bothers me so much even tho I never really wear anything that exposes it. I get embarrassed talking about it with my mom, and a few weeks ago she even took me to get waxed but... show more

Why do some men wear shirts with collars up?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 23 hours ago
Best answer: It looks cool or chic to a lot of people.

Best answer: use makeup wipes and facial cleansers and toners theres tons of options out there

What do I need to wear for a 1980's party?

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What job can i get with a face tattoo?

18 answers · Tattoos · 4 days ago
i just graduated from high school and i’m trying to pick a major for college

How dressed up should you be at a wedding if you’re just a guest?

8 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes if you are just a guest that sounds totally fine.

How to deal with family's judgement of tattoos?

11 answers · Tattoos · 2 days ago
I really want to get a couple tattoos once I save up enough money, but my family is against them. I want to get a small cross on my wrist with "agape" written on the side and the miraculous medal on my ankle. I'm hoping that since they're religious, my family will be more accepting. I'm... show more

Why don't men wear bras?

25 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 6 days ago
Best answer: Society standards, His boobs are nothing, yours and mine are sacred, to be kept out of site period. Actually it's even more apparent on the beach, I see guys all the time with bigger boobs that me, shirt off and no one gives them a second look. I take my top off and people stare, go figure. The few times... show more

What kinds of products lighten skin tone?

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Best answer: Google is your friend- there are hundreds of things you can buy from cheap to expensive. A lot of them do not really work, so check reviews. You need to do your own research.

Are you going to wear anything with lace on it today?

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