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Is it true that I can write off any expenses that I use for my business? I recently got my real estate license and they told me not worry about fees and advertising because I can write all of it off at the end of the year and get all of it back in taxes. Is this true or are they lying to me? What if I join a club... show more

When are taxes due this year?

16 answers · United States · 4 days ago
Yeah you know I never got a letter from the IRS telling me when taxes are due this year. Is this a new Trump thing? When is the due date now?

Should I pay for the whole holiday if I cancel?

9 answers · United Kingdom · 2 days ago
My friend and I booked a holiday last year, all paid for separately and non refundable. A month after we booked, I received a once in a lifetime offer (huge investment pitch for my business) which I couldn’t refuse.. which was happening on a day in the middle of when we were supposed to go away. I was really... show more

How does owning own business at tax time work?

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So my dad sat down with me and said I should look at starting my own business (sole proprietorship). I've been a carpenter for a guy for 2 days a week and then I do cash side jobs like home repairs, siding, decks, fencing etc, foundations. He goes on and on about how I can write off fuel, meals, housing,... show more

If they are charging a government imposed tax - but not passing that onto government in the way of tax - then they are defrauding me as they are not charging a government imposed tax - just putting the price up and pocketing the cash.

My business has since closed. Can or is there a way to request that refund now?

Does EDD know about income you are earning before you file the 1099 at the end of year? and do you need to report those earnings even though tax isn't taken out right now

I have a question about a potential IRS scam.?

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Best answer: She should close that bank account, and notify the IRS about the scam at

How can I access and print my 2017 W2?

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I file online with the free turbotax website and with that they allow you to access your previous W2 (2018) at any time. Well now I need 2017 as well because I m in the process of purchasing a home. Turbotax wants me to upgrade for 70 bucks to access it but there has to be another way. After paying closing costs,... show more

Best answer: Unless it is a gift tax return (those, the IRS keeps for 75 years), or there is an open audit, they are deleted after 7 years from filing. Account records (Agi and txi only) are available for many years die to things like NOLS. Income forms (w-2s and 1099s) are available for 10 years. The SSA keeps their records... show more

When is the deadline for a tax rebate?

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Why can’t an employer verify my places of employment?

4 answers · United States · 3 days ago
So I’ve applied for employment with a company that I’ve worked for before. I don’t remember this ridiculous and extensive process. Of course I was offered the job, contingent on passing a background and drug test. I got fingerprinted and did my drug test as asked. The background check company emailed me to say they... show more

Best answer: Seriously? Use them for what? What you "use" to file your tax return is your proof of income - either a W-2 or a 1099. The IRS doesn't care about items that you have purchased.

Something I've always wondered about IRS property seizures?

5 answers · United States · 5 days ago
Let's say you owe the IRS $20,000 and they decide to seize your property. ( I know this is unlikely and can take a very long time so the IRS tries to avoid it at all costs) for the sake of my question let's say they do seize your property and sell it at auction. If you only owe $20,000 and they sell your... show more

Best answer: never heard of that unless they actually committed tax fraud/evasion (using fraud to not pay)....usually the county just sells the tax debt and the home is foreclosed

This vacant lantd property was gifted to me over a year ago. It's "assessed value" by the county is $14k. If I sell it for less than the assessed value, will I be paying capital gains taxes?

Why doesn t my accountant count rent as an expenditure?

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I went to be accountant, to have my total income for the year to be counted and sent to HMRC. But when I showed receipts for my household rents, service charges, council tax, utility Bill s and saudry debts as an expenditure, it wasnt accepted. Why is this?