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Best answer: Do you mean comedian? Or are you talking about DC/Marvel comics? But if the first Male- Robin Williams(RIP) Female- Melissa McCarthy or Ellen

Best answer: I think he'll be very big. He seems to be a born entertainer, he has a very good voice, good songwriter, excellent performer. He's also funny, a good actor, a good model, and seems capable to stepping into any entertainment opportunity (such as when he hosted the Late Late Show with 2 hours notice, and... show more

Best answer: I think of an indentation on the cheek, or I think of Mrs Dimple who is a nice user on this site.

Who is more beautiful?

26 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Rachel McAdams.

Best answer: Unfortunately not

Best answer: I haven`t left because real Gary level 7 is amusing to me in a sad sort of way, however, another reincarnated(for lack of a better term) Gary(Level 1) has the appearance, characteristics, and format of a very informed person that real Gary could not compete with on any given day. Anonymous is worse than Gary. Gary... show more

Do you know who Michael Jackson is?

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Who is he?