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Is mother a verb?

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Natural selection relies on two things: 1) the fit reproducing 2) the unfit dying so...?

When is war justified? Read the list below of justifications for the colonists going to war with Britain. Identify any additional causes that the Patriots had for fighting the revolutionary war. Then, write two paragraphs in which you answer the questions below. -Protect prosperity rights -expand into western... show more

Best answer: People have been convicted of murder for giving their victims Visine, their victims never knew what hit them. It will take several bottles, but it wont hurt like consuming battery acid.

Basically, I have to write an assignment about child abuse that occurs in an international context. So, for instance, I could talk about child abuse in the Western world compared to child abuse in the Middle East or something. The thing is, I have NO IDEA what other societies/cultures do to abuse their children.... show more

I wanted to apply to an admin job and i have to create a supporting statement addressing each of the bullet points in the person specification and one of the bullet points in the person specification is ability to set up standard administrative systems and procedures. I am not too sure what this means can someone... show more

Best answer: Facts, no. Perspective. yes.

Law and ethics?

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Counter Intelligence may, or may not entail the skillful use of propaganda and psychological manipulation to disrupt the activities of the Enemy. Propaganda entails the use of selective information, which entails sophistry and the distortion of factual knowledge. However, the extent of its success can never be... show more

How then can DNA, a language being many, many times more sophisticated and complex, be attributed to natural forces and chemicals?

Best answer: Can be either depending on the function (eg tan(x)). Majority of the answer say that the slope of a vertical line is undefined which is true because you cannot divide anything by zero. However, if you take ∆y/∆x where ∆x approaches to 0 then ∆y will approaches to infinity. And if you take -∆y/∆x where ∆x approaches... show more

Best answer: Say no to drugs..

pls help me. Thank you!