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Best answer: The start of the 21st century and new millennium means nothing to you?

I have a VIrus!!! pls help!!!111?

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Best answer: It's causing more health problems in the population and making people less able To take care of themselves and causing Business to be more reluctant to hire People with obesity and causing people To not find a date or enjoy life as much As fit, in shape, athletic people. Got it?

Solution to 8+2x=3x+2?

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My college professor gave me a really hard to understand book. Know i have to write a 1000 word paper about the good, the truth, and individuality for Mill and argue for or against Mills notions. The book is called On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. The summaries online are not very helpful. How do i write this essay?

Can someone solve this paradox?

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Best answer: The deer obviously had a little "doe" and passed the bartender a few "bucks" to make the trip. John obviously "fawned" a ride home.

I'm in an 8th grade English class with a teacher who is a five star critique. I need to write an essay on a very specific topic. The topic is "Humanity and Inhumanity in The Hunger Games" and I was wondering if there was a website or app where I could get help with this sort of thing. I'm not... show more

We’re writing a research paper on streetcar named desire and our teacher wants funny titles like “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? Not Blanche”. Mine is about desires power over women. Any ideas on a funny title?

Is cancer a killer disease?

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Best answer: One of three people will develop cancer at one time ( or more) during their lifetime, and one of three of these people will doe of it

What does 1/4 to 1/2 page mean?

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I’m writing a descriptive paragraph.

Help!! Please! show conversion factors.

Best answer: Democrats believe in individual rights- the right to love and marry whom you choose, women's rights to make decisions about their own bodies, etc. They also believe in compassionate treatment of those less unfortunate- a safety net for those who can't find a job, can't hold a job, are incapacitated, old... show more

Best answer: the 1 % doesn't want you to realize they are turning you into an economic slave . they try to make liberal sound bad .

Price per KG?

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For £1 (UK) I can get 1.8 kg of French fries £1 = 1.8KG What is the price per kg?