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I could understand paying top dollar for a beauty in their prime like Roseanne Barr, but not a plastic has been prune like Stormy.

What rhymes with ********?

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Help! Political Science Question!?

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In the Hobby Lobby case, one element of the case that made the Obama administration's argument weaker is that they had already granted a number of ____________ to the ACA's requirement that health insurance coverage include coverage for birth control. In the Goldman v. Weinberger case ( 1986), when a an... show more

Monogamy or polygamy?

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Best answer: No, it is impossible to memorize every mathematical answer. You are learning a process to be applied in different situations. Is there memorization? Sure. Anything you want to do requires some memorization. Even if you are watching a YouTube video about how to fix the screen on your phone you have to memorize that... show more

Best answer: f '(x) = 4e^(4x) - e^(-x) 0 = 4e^(4x) - e^(-x) e^(-x) = 4e^(4x) 1 = 4e^(5x) 1/4 = e^(5x) ln(1/4) = 5x x = ln(1/4)/5 critical point pick a point less than ln(1/4)/5 and a point greater than ln(1/4)/5. ln(1/4)/5 < 0. Let x = 0 f '(0) = 4e^(4(0)) - e^(-0) f '(0) = 3 > 0 so f is increasing on... show more

Best answer: It's called chain research. The critical thing is to read those sources yourself. If you can't find them, acknowledge it in the Lit. Cit. section. For example, if you can't find the paper by Smith that Jones cited, list it as Smith - - - - - - - - - - -, fide Jones - - - - - - - - .I goofed up while... show more

I have a speech to present and i am not sure what to write for a 4 minute or close to 4minute speech. How many sentences should they be? How many sentences can a person say in 1 minute? I am not a very fast reader so. Just give me an estimate number on sentences

An expression of a rough guess about numbers. I have about 100 apples but I don't know whether more than 100 or less than 100,and someone asks me 「How many apples do you have?」 In this case 「About 100」「100 maybe more」「100 maybe less」 ,are these answers totally same meaming?

Best answer: Obama tried to bring both sides together but instead the GOP didn't want to work with the man or accept the healthcare reform because he's black. Now that he's gone the ACA I.E. Obama Care is somehow looking like a good deal.

Best answer: Price discrimination is the offering of the same product at different prices to different groups, based on their different willingness to pay. Charging businesses more than individuals as in B, D, and E, and offering discounts to people who might not be able to buy at full price as in C, are all price... show more

Best answer: Impossible to say based on the information. Are any of the people Mexican or black?

Best answer: Both statements are true. I don't think it's possible to claim that Stalin was a good leader because of the excessive brutality of his methods (read Robert Conquest's 'The Great Terror' for an idea of just how brutal they were), but he was undeniably an effective one.