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Small scale business ideas?

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I made an appointment for today. They never showed up, never called, and will not answer their phone or text messages. They wrote me a confirmation email yesterday, but now I can't even get ahold of them. Is this typical?! It's rather inconsiderate and rude

I'm a kitchen designer and I work for a company with full turnkey service, which means I am responsible for working with them from the initial consultation up until the very last moments of installation. This process usually takes about five or six months with renovation, etc. I'm currently working with... show more

I am not going to name the restaurant, it;s a new one and it came from Asia, It already has branches of restaurants across Asia and Europe and I want it to stop because it will influence people to do nasty weird things.. What can i do to make this stop coming any further to America because it is disgusting

I'm considering medical-coding because it only takes a 1-year certificate to enter the field. What else can I do?

I am 16 1/2 years old and have permission from my parents that I can start a doggie daycare business at home over the summer. I plan on having my service include overnight care.

It would be insulated, taylor made, not made out of chip board. We re in the UK.

Bakery name ideas?

8 answers · 4 days ago
For a small town in home bakery My name's Dana if you need it for ideas too Just blocked on creative juices lol

Which word should i use ?

8 answers · 5 days ago
I run a small company Or I own a small company

I was thinking like an anytime or something similar. I can’t stand corporate much longer all I want to do is clean up weights at gym etc. i could get a job like that but pay is 8 dollars an hour at least as owner more money and I can do work myself. Anytime does not need to be staffed really. I am close to... show more

Hi there, I'm looking into a homemade dog food business based out of my home kitchen in California. Will I need to obtain a license/permit to sell? According to AAFCO website, it states that "If you make your product in your own home, then you are exempt". All the cooking, packaging, and delivering... show more

How do I find a niche?

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Thinking about selling some smaller handcrafted wood items, such as cutting boards, napkin holders, key/coat racks, wine bottle racks, etc. Do you think this would be a fairly lucrative effort? I'm thinking around holidays would be better... But I think most of my items would be priced $15-$40. I... show more

I have a job offer one yr. long pays at least about 4K more a month for my LLC. (I control my pay to keep money in the business ) I understand it’s a lot more money and more money means I can reinvest more money into the business and therefore give it a better long term potential. But I have a 5 month baby w/... show more

I'm setting up a web hosting business. I'd like it to be aimed at a niche. I need some ideas of good niches for it to specialise in.