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What happens after we die?

44 answers · Preschool · 15 hours ago

My dad used to write poetry, does that mean he's gay?

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Best answer: maybe you needed a slap for being a disrespetful little girl, maybe if your parents spanked you then this wouldn't have happened

Why are there so many wars overseas?

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What can you do with a Master’s degree in English?

9 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 7 hours ago

The word 'posh' is an acronym. What does it stand for?

9 answers · Words & Wordplay · 8 hours ago
Best answer: Port Out, Starboard Home. In the 1800's ships sailing from England to India found the coolest, most comfortable side of the ship to be the left (Port) side on the way out, and the right (Starboard) side of the ship on the way home. The letters POSH were stamped on the boarding passes of passengers who had... show more

Which word is correct?

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His first week (in / at) the school was a nightmare. Thanks!

Best answer: call the police, thats what theyre for

Am I an idiot because it’s taking me 5 years to graduate college?

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Why doesn't the Right establish their own college?

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Where emphasis is place on giving the students the education where when they graduate they can go out and start a career instead being indoctrinated in liberal ideology and getting an education in which there is no demand for.

Atheists, what do you learn at school?

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Best answer: School is cool

Is it true you rarely have free time in college like you do in high school?

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I’m 17 in 11th grade right now and I’m going to be looking at colleges next year. I plan on majoring in forensic science. From what I’ve heard, college basically takes up all free time you that true?? As of now, I’m high school, I always get my work done super fast, get good grades and have a lot of free... show more