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Seems to me he should have just acted irresponsibly and enjoyed the party like everyone else. Once again, libs have rewarded irresponsibility and flipped the bird at hard working people.

Do you go to church?

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Which 6 letter word starts with an N and ends with an R?

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Are you usually late OR early everywhere you go?

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To the college who didn’t accept you? I’m very scared of rejection.

Do I have time?

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I am a 28 year old female. I would like to move home , do driving lessons, study for a career type job by going to college and university , go on holidays and have a baby .. do I have enough time to do all of this?

Isn't college stupid?

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I realize that sounds kinda outrageous so I'll add this nugget, I'd agree that going to college after high school is the best option the way our society is set up now, so I would recommend it, but my point is more how did we get to a point where it seems like a good idea. Think about it: a person wants to... show more

Why should I go to college ?

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Convince me

Do i need a GED if im only missing 0.5 of a high school credit?

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Im 21 years old and want to start college but i don’t have a high school diploma. I went to talk to my highschool and they told me that all I was missing was half of an elective credit to have my diploma. Is there anything i can do to get that half credit or do i have to take the GED??

Atheists explain the drifferient between science plus religion?

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Best answer: Iran would never get here Aside from random terror attacks, Iran is incapable of moving a fighting force to our shores. A ship would be intercepted, and plane would be shot down.

Whats the longest word you can spell backwards?

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....too much time is wasted on crap like "getting along with others" and "everyone's a winner"! Your thoughts?

... the Chancellor of The Exchequer announced the provision of £ 738m for this purpose. Thanks in advance! 😃

Why SHOULDN'T i reject Trump as my president?

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Best answer: I can’t give you a reason why you shouldn’t. However I could give you a million reasons why you should.

Why are some professors at University so insufferable and bitter?

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Best answer: They aren't there to teach. They care only about the research and the teaching is a side thing they're required to do. You could complain to the dean, by the way, about your professor's comments.

Best answer: From the early 90's I remember no internet, no cell phones and no GPS. And in many respects life was better because of it.

What year is MCMXXVII roman numeral?

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