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What’s your favourite food?

128 answers · TiVO & DVRs · 5 days ago
Best answer: 1.) chinese food -vegetarian 2.) pizza,spaghetti lasagna, fetticine with mushrooms and creamy alfredo sauce with cheese, 3.) greek salad-vegetarian 4.) double cheeseburgers with and without lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions with 2 Vlasic original soury pickles on the side 5.) Rice Pilao and Biryani with... show more

Somebody told me that a whle ago and it has been bothering me since I sleep near a TV too. It s not turned on of course, it s just really close to me because that s how furniture happens to be laid out in my room. Should I change my position? It would be a bit of a bother but I guess I could do it.

IPhone or Android?

17 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 3 days ago

Are you going to buy the new "Razr" smart phone that's coming out?

7 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Didn't buy the original Razr, when everyone was buying them and jumping from carrier to carrier to get them. So don't expect to buy the newer version when it comes out, no matter what features it has.

I have anxiety about water under my phone case?

6 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 13 hours ago
I have an iPhone 8 Plus. I have had anxiety for awhile now that there is water under my phone case and that if I don’t take it off and check it that my phone could get ruined from water. However, if I take my phone case off, I then get the anxiety that the oils and/or sweat from my hands will get on my phone and... show more

What is the scariest playstation 4 game ?

7 answers · PlayStation · 1 day ago

How do you break from a phone contract before end with no charges?

8 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 2 days ago

How long do Bluetooth headphones with a headphone jack-plug last for?

6 answers · Music & Music Players · 23 hours ago

Video help? recording in 4k?

6 answers · Cameras · 1 day ago
Best answer: Your phone's screen is so small that all the details that made you look "rough" on the relatively large monitor in your laptop. This is why so many people think that the $8 camera module in their $1,000 smartphone takes such good photos. If they were to ever see those "great" shots printed... show more

Where is my IPhone?

4 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 7 hours ago
Best answer: The one in the pink case? Gave it to this gay guy that said the phone was his. Sorry.

HELP!! Accidentally listened to Nickelback?

4 answers · Other - Music · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Damn I am so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what’s going on, but I have NEVER met a person in my entire life who liked Nickelback. Yet that are famous. How is this possible!

Can I activate an existing alarm in my apartment myself?

6 answers · Other - Electronics · 2 days ago
So I moved to this new apartment a year ago and it has a napco gt alarm installed, but the landlord never mentioned anything about it. I was wondering if there’s a way of just buying a subscription online from napco to activate it, without bothering my landlord.

Best answer: What can you do? Very simple. Get your parents together and ASK them, what it is that you can do, to get the phone you want. Then do exactly what they say will get you an iPhone. If you already know the things that will get you grounded, then that means you are smart enough to repeatedly to do those things.... show more

Help why are cameras pictures?

6 answers · Cameras · 2 days ago