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Do you perfer to pay with cash, Debit or credit?

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What jobs are in an office and I can wear a suit?

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I work at a gas station and it’s not fulfilling, what job can I wear a suit to and be on an office? I’m looking for the minimum and least expensive job option, preferably not to go to college because I can’t afford that, I just want to work at a job that’s in an office and I wear a suit.

He doesn't receive a w2. He is a self employed construction worker. They are asking for him to pay for the previous 4 years he has not paid his taxes for a total of a little over $36,000 The only problem is he does not have the funds available at the moment. He's asked me if I could pay the bill for him and... show more

Employer fraud?

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I applied to a fast food place and they accepted right away. I went into the back and got everything done that day. they scheduled me for training a week later. i spent one hour working and the guy send me home. he tells me he will text me my schedule. its been ten days. he was ignoring my calls so i went in person... show more

Are employers who post ads on job boards really hiring?

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Seems like I'm just wasting my time sending applications to a brick wall

I want to know how come someone who has been incarcerated whether they have been incarcerated in jail for one year or they have served prison time how come when they get out how come they are able to find a job pretty quickly yet someone who has not had a job employees are not likely to hire them?

Fair split of rent for a small studio apartment?

18 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 16 hours ago
Hello, what would in your opinion be a fair split of rent for a studio apartment, assuming everything is shared equally (room size, utilities, etc.)? The only thing is, this roommate would be staying for five nights per week and going back home on the weekends. I don't think 50/50 would be fair as I would... show more

If you buy a house cash, How can you lose it( foreclosed or evicted)?

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How can I cut my roommates power?

39 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 4 days ago
So she’s a ***** and refuses to pay me her utilities. I changed the internet password and she’s flipping her ****. But she always leaves all the power on. So how can I shut the power off on her when we’re gone?

Best answer: The few points you lost you will get back. Use the card for small things and pay the full balance each month and that will boost your score. Having a higher credit limit helps you in the long term. It lowers your utilization rate, a big part of your score. Let's say you have a $2,000 limit before it increased... show more

Best answer: Go to the website and look at all of the jobs that require a BA. THEN check out the pay ranges. Then go look for the job that matches what you want.

I’m worried I’ll get fired or look like a bad employee because they only give me a few hours notice before my shift that I need to call out. I don’t live with them I am financially independent. But I have the best car so they expect me to run errands for them and help with housework at their place. I don’t mind... show more

How do people retire and survive with no retirement savings.?

17 answers · Personal Finance · 1 day ago
So I live in an affluent area of the country-Long Island. Most of our friends- in their late 50's are very prepared for retirement financially- 401'ks etc.... I'm no where near ready and prepared to work as long as I can- but still I'm better off then many people. The question- what do the folks... show more

Put in offer in house.. now waiting! How long to wait?

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Myself and my partner viewed a house on Saturday, and I fell in love. House up for 265,000. We put in an offer the following Monday for 252,500. Declined straight away. We then put in 258,000. It was declined and the estate agent said they wanted closer to the 260,000 mark. We then put up our offer to 259,000 on... show more

My current salary is 58,500. If anyone asks, is that considered a salary of 60k?

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I need my 2018 w2?

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