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Best answer: They are totally brainwashed by the anti-white, Globalist, Jew media

Best answer: Absolutely not, it's arbitrary and meaningless

Which band do you prefer, AC/DC or Queen?

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What is yout favorite Nicki Minaj song?

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Best answer: probably "no frauds"

Best answer: Reminder The Hudson Bay Company was founded 106 years before the USA was

Best answer: Republican hypocrisy about family values is staggering. In France and Germany working moms and dads get extensive paid maternity and paternity leave, and free daycare after that. That's real family values.

Best answer: Today on the news, it is reported that a Facebook photo of a man "humping" the Brave Girl Statue on Wall Street that was erected for Women's Day has gone viral. This is an all time LOW for American men and an example of how much they hate women and children in America. And so, yes, just as most... show more

Why did we let Trump become president?

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Best answer: Yes. It's obvious he's desperate and that's exactly what he is doing. Except he's too clueless to know Presidents do not order wiretapping so he once again sounds the fool. Every day he looks more guilty. If he were innocent of the Russian connection he would welcome an investigation and stop... show more

Is Trump finally finished?

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Wild claims, blames, and accusations. Trump is lashing out like a cornered con man.

Most men cant even get an erection these days?

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how pathetic males have become. worthless, filthy ,self loathing losers.

Best answer: hell yes, major risk factors for death & disability now. and he'l be 71 in june, and his mental illnesses are also risk factors, and the stress of a guy like him trying to be pres, and a spouse & child leaving is a major risk factor. he'l break down w/ in 24 mos.

Hi Please Answer My Question Please?

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Please Answer And Help Me To Release Myself From Pain And Everything Please My Question is that if i take 200 diazepam pills will i die im 17 years old and 100 kg if it is important please answer my question please