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Can I use words that slightly rhyme with moment? Like would “broken” or something be an acceptable rhyme??

What is love?

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Best answer: Well my description of love is it's an intense feeling of happiness towards someone or something. You could say love is like flying through the clouds feeling weightless. Lol I don't know I just came up with that. And of course love can turn out bad if things go south later on.

Boys are from Mars! Girls are from Venus! I've got a yum yum! You've got a... Darn it! My mom just came in. Got to go.

"The blackbirds whistled it in the hedges, the pigeons cooed it in the elms, it got into the din of the smithies and the tune of the church bells."

Best answer: Obviously, love is not always returned, but love is experienced and hoped for: -"My endless love for you is not an issue. But only if you said that i love you too" (One loves another, but that love has not been returned) -"Wish the indigent hearts of the orphans Could experience the touch of the... show more

Best answer: Well, I appreciate the message, I believe it , with the exception of the snack.

Best answer: Glad you're not in real danger... You could send a message to the mods to delete it if you really wanted to.

Is this blank verse?

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I have a poem due tomorrow and I’m struggling I don’t think this is all blank verse “It’s just like every other day It’s 6am and unimaginably hard to move Newton said objects at rest stay at rest My alarm clock is the external force I sleep in all my classes then stay awake at night”

Can I have feedback on my poem?

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Velvet dress, sweet caress A whisper, a faint giggle A Pretty little rose lying in the middle. Between us a fire, Provoked by a liar Bathing in fumes As ash engulfs the room There’s no time for forgiveness It’s a crime of the witness While soft blue flames, dance around the victim...

Best answer: No, they keep deleting mine.

Best answer: English is poor in rhymes. The language itself is pedestrian - old English was a peasant language of farmers, sailors and merchants. Nearly all our musical terms come from Italian, our spiritual words come from Latin and Greek, and so on. The language is semi-inflected, which provides difficulties as well. Latin is... show more

Best answer: Education and Experience. Nobody is born knowing about poetry, you need to learn about the language, the multiplicity of meanings, the way sounds work and the nuances the selection of a particular word can bring to a piece. A song like American Pie is just a nice ditty until you know the 'Day that Music Died... show more

What are some good poems about death?

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Best answer: Everything needs a little down time. In your case, take it, but dont write about it.

Would would you rate it? 😕?

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Eyes are deep blue, Crisp like the ocean, I glanced and I'm drawn in, But, I'm just a fish in the sea, Your words cut like knives, But those eyes, them eyes, I can see behind your mask, Deep blue eyes whose words cut, Cut like a thousand knives

What is a Performance Poet?

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Best answer: Someone who performs poetry...