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In her poems she has written: "You were the careless smile on a melanchonic young man, you're an endless summer in my heart" "I'm thinking about your childhood I., spent playing hide and seek in snipers stations [...] I'm thinking about you, I. in the morning, the road is deserted... show more

Why wont they stop? Why wont they stop? They wont stop controlling my thoughts They wont stop controlling my decisions I feel like they control me They wont let me feel free Why wont they get out of my head? Why wont they stop? Why wont they let me eat? Why can't they just let me be happy? Why do they let me... show more

Best answer: Small genitals.

Why can't it be summer?

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I want summer now. I'm gonna throw a tantrum. I need lazy hot days taking naps on the beach. I want to sneak cold beers to the fireworks. And burn my feet on the sand. Why? Why is this life so subpar?

Do you think this poem is good?

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the cat creeps by thinking no one sees the girl in the window sees the clouds float on not caring who sees the girl in the window sees the leaves shudder in the cold winter wind the girl in the window sees

Best answer: There aren't any that I can think of - but you might get away with just an 'I' sound - like sigh, die, why, lie, try, etc? Good luck!

Tall trees, Just me, Alone in the night. Can’t run, No fun, A terrible fright! Distant bay, Must stay, Or else. Must survive, Cannot dive, He has come. Near death, No breath, Must find safety. Up high, Cannot die, Praying for mercy. Trees shaking, Knees aching, He’s climbing the tree. Held me, So tightly, I... show more

Best answer: Profound! -->“All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, (1 Peter 1:24)

The mirror that shows my reflection who I hate to see The mirror is not my friend It will never be

Is this poem rubbish?

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Best answer: It's flawless and magical.

Is this considered a poem?

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The morning mood was beautiful and bright But her mood was not She was cold and bloody Locked away in a freezer Put there by her attacker She has been there for an hour The door to the freezer opens She is filled with hope, but it is destroyed Her attacker stands before her She will not be cold anymore.

I'll never forget the day I first saw you: the never ending rain of june the summer of the illness an apathic existence haunted my young soul. For a moment your eyes met mine and I got lost in the blueness of the sky; your hair as fair as wheat fields framed a gentle face. You were the careless smile on a... show more

My chivalrous messiah, Thou shabbily-clothed monk, It’s so unfairly cold, Show some mercy, May God bless you, Reply to my hello and open the door, It’s I, the sorrowful, the homeless, It’s I, the trembling wretched stone, It’s I, the despicable curse of creation, the inharmonious harmony, It is unfairly cold,... show more